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Nutrition has profound impact on human well being and is regarded as one of todays hot topics and challenges in the endeavour to develop disease prevention strategies.
Production of novel and functional food as well as diagnosis and therapy of nutrition associated diseases require a new quality of knowledge. In particular there will be a need to integrate areas of food science, nutritional science and medicine.

The study of nutritional science (molecular nutritional science) meets these aims by offering a science based, multidisciplinary education considering translational aspects on the highest possible level. The study curriculum puts particular emphasis on solid basic science courses flanked by lab work where students are introduced to and work with most innovative techniques. In this way the students are best prepared to later work in academia, clinical research or public education.

The study of technology and biotechnology of foods enables technological realizations of such approaches. With disciplines ranging from microbiology and food chemistry and to process and systems engieering it covers all areas required for analyses and design of food systems. The growing requirements of knowledge in molecular sciences to understand these systems are met in courses of molecular biotechnology and biology in joint courses with students of those curricula.

The Department contributes to bachelor and master study courses in different academic faculties. Click on the links below to learn more about our teaching activities.

Brewing and Food Technology