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Biomolecular Food Technology

In the search for novel genes and biocatalysts, Biomolecular Food Technology has focused on investigating fruit ripening using analytical (GC-MS, LC-MSn), biochemical (2D-electrophoresis) and molecular biological (qPCR) methods. Once the gene of interest is cloned and the protein heterologously expressed, the substrate specificity, reaction mechanism and in vivo function (by reverse genetics) are studied in detail, with the goal of creating innovative biocatalysts, micro-organisms or transgenic plants to produce environmentally sound chemicals and proteins. Meanwhile, the complete sequencing of several plant genomes has made available an array of genes whose biological function is not yet known. The goal of Biomolecular Food Technology is therefore to clone new genes whose corresponding enzymes may be useful in the biotechnological production of bioactive natural substances (terpenoids, flavonoids, phenylpropanoids, fatty acid derivatives, alkaloids) and refined chemicals. The long-term goal of which is increasing independence from petroleum-based products.