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Human Biology

Research at Human Biology is in the field of basic and translational Neurogastroenterology. Studies involve recordings from human tissue and are part of collaborations with basic science and clinical research institutions. We are interested in how the the enteric nervous system controls gut functions in health and disease. For this purpose we use fast imaging techniques using voltage and calcium sensitive dyes to reveal neuronal activity in intact tissue and primary cell cultures, recordings of mucosa and muscle activity as functional read outs and immunohistochemistry to investigate neural plasticity. Projects are aimed: 1) to identify neural and biomechanical properties of mechano- and chemosensitive enteric neurons which play a pivotal role in regulating normal gut functions, 2) to study enteric neurobiology and pharmacology to identify novel targets to treat functional and inflammatory bowel diseases and 3) to assess the influence of neuromodulators, pharmaceuticals and nutriceuticals on mucosal secretion and muscle motility.