Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Chemical-Technical Analysis & Chemical Food Technology

The Chair focuses on several areas within the whole spectrum of analytical science: One main part is the analysis of hazardous substances in food matrices (polybromide diphenylethers, toxaphenes, and C10-C17 chloroparaffins), including the synthesis of appropriate analytical standards to improve the analytical detection. This working area further involves the development and proposal of appropriate analytical methods for the determination of maximum hazard concentrations in the air of workplaces, and the proteom analysis with the identification of bio-marker proteins, induced in bacteria after exposure to certain kinds of environmental stress.
We further strive to optimize the enrichment (or elimination) of valuable or undesirable substances (proteins, enzymes, and natural substances) from aqueous solutions by (Tweezing) Adsorptive Bubble Separation as an alternative and sustainable method applied in this respect. Using 1H- and 13C-NMR, MS, and FTIR-spectroscopy, we focus on the organic synthesis and structure elucidation of substances which are important for environmental science and food technology. Research is further carried out in the isolation and identification of flavors and antioxidants from plant materials (including rapid determination of spices using mass selective sensors such as Time of Flight- and Ion Trap-MS), as well as in the controlled release properties of powders by CPF (Concentrated Powder Form)-Technology, as a gentle way of obtaining encapsulated flavors in products, developed for the food and pharmaceutical industry.