Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences

Gregor-Mendel-Str. 2
85350 Freising

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The department FOOD and NUTRITION SCIENCES at TUM comprises a unique spectrum of expertise covering analytical chemistry, sensory sciences and microbiology of foods and food constituents as well as physiology and pathophysiology of human nutrition and metabolism. The research is targeted towards analysing and understanding food composition and defining the interaction of the constituents with the mammalian system at the molecular and the systemic levels. Most advanced chemical and bioanalytical techniques are employed and combined with state of the art life science technologies to assess in cell cultures, animal models and human trials how foods and distinct ingredients interact with the complex biological networks that regulate organismic homeostasis. Three clusters of particular competencies within our science web can be identified.

One relates to the elucidation of the structures of food constituents and the identification of ligands of gustatory receptors. The second addresses the characterisation of probiotic bacterial species and their biological effects on the microbiota and the host with an emphasis on inflammatory bowel diseases. The third cluster focuses on dietary constituents such as n3-PUFA, polyphenols and proteins and their role in human health and assesses their molecular functions in models and in human volunteer trials employing high content analysis and profiling techniques.
On the interface of food, nutrition and health the department provides a comprehensive teaching program for students in biology, nutrition and food sciences programs at TUM.