Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Molecular Nutritional Medicine

The group investigates the impact of nutrition on the mechanisms that humans and animals utilize to maintain a balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. We are mainly interested in the physiological and genetic adaptation of metabolism to different nutrition regimes and food compounds. Our research projects address several aspects of nutritional and metabolic physiology. Which neuroendocrine mechanisms regulate food intake and energy expenditure? What are the mechanisms of diet-induced thermogenesis? How can gene transcription regulate metabolism? Do secondary plant metabolites present in food items exhibit positive metabolic effects? The laboratory applies a broad spectrum of methods in physiology, cell biology and molecular biology. At our institute we have access to state-of-the-art equipment to monitor daily alterations in the energy budget of mice exposed to different alimentary conditions. In cultured cells and isolated mitochondria we study the molecular mechanisms and the regulation of thermogenesis. The transcriptional control of genes involved in lipid metabolism is investigated.