Research Department Nutrition and Food Sciences

Gregor-Mendel-Str. 2
85350 Freising

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Clinical Nutrition & Medicine

The general area of research is the role of diet and nutrients in the pathophysiology of human diseases as well as for the prevention and treatment of diseases by nutritional intervention. The unit is running a human study center to investigate the effect of defined dietary interventions in carefully phenotyped humans with metabolic disorders such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and others. This activity includes both systemic and thorough analysis of the effects of foods on the human metabolome as well as the effects of functional foods in certain disease states. In this context, it is studied how the genotype and recently identified gene variants affect the metabolic response to defined meal challenges. In parallel, gene variants are functionally characterized using in vitro techniques such as EMSA and reporter gene assays. Finally, the group is working on the effect of diet during pregnancy on anthropometric and metabolic outcome variables in the offspring including experimental studies on the concept of fetal programming by epigenetic mechanisms.