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Biofunctionality of Food

The research program at the chair is focussed on basic and translational questions of gut health and inflammatory processes. We characterize the functional role of the gut microbiota (probiotics) and nutritional factors (prebiotics, iron, polyphenolic secondary plant compounds) in the context of inflammation-driven chronic degenerative pathologies. The complex gut-associated microbial ecosystem (gut microbiota), and nutrition-related factors are the most important environmental triggers for the development and modification of lifestyle-related diseases including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). The gut acts as a highly selective interface organ responsible for the regulation of immune and metabolic functions. The use of genetically susceptible animal model systems for chronic inflammatory diseases (chronic intestinal inflammation and obesity-associated pathologies) in combination with sophisticated cell isolation techniques (laser dissection microscopy) and profiling technologies, including proteome analysis (DIGE and MALDI-TOF tandem mass spectrometry), allow us to develop novel nutritional strategies for the prevention of immune-mediated and metabolic pathologies and to assess the biofunctional role of food components.